An App that Can Tell How you Feel? What if Technology Could Read our Emotions?

In the May 2015 TED Talk, Rana el Kaliouby shares how she was able to create a way to capture emotions using technology. Her story is based on how she had a need to express herself more demonstratively in her online communications with distant loved ones than just a mere emoticon. :-) 

One of the caveats of e-Learning is the lack of the instructor to get robust feedback from learners. Interactivity is a key ingredient in the learning process. In addition to education, this tech tool has many implications in areas such as psychology, law and legal studies, and more. I think we will see this technology leveraged in a variety of applications as it becomes more robust and able to transcend the nuances and differences between ethnic groups and cultures.

On a similar note, in May 2015, my Alaska Pacific University graduate student, Vania Lumatti-Lodewyk, finished her Master's thesis entitled: A META-SYNTHESIS OF MICRO FACIAL EXPRESSION LITERATURE AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM.

It is very interesting to see the intersection of cognitive and emotional intelligence being leveraged for positive outcomes. Great female minds thinking along the same line of thought!

2 thoughts on “An App that Can Tell How you Feel? What if Technology Could Read our Emotions?

  1. Well, Andy, I do not have a web site, but I would love to correspond with Rana el Kaliouby and find out the ramifications her studies may have on the judicial process. Any way you can connect us? My position is that her research is wonderful, however the Courts are still going to stop us dead on the admission of new technology as evidence based on the Daubert rules. What would be her thoughts? Presenting the basics fact of logarisims is all well and dandy but does not fly. How could we proceed to conquer this most important test?I would gladly join forces in this battle. Is she working with Ekman?

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