Top 10 Free Courses from Alison ~ Exemplary e-Learning!

Since March 16, 2008, I have been been a member of, the FREE online course training service. As many of my former and current students know, the overall quality of the learning experience is exemplary. According to my Alison course manager, I have taken 22 courses ranging from "Mindmapping" to "Fundamentals of Project Management" to "iPhone App Development."It has been a rewarding experience of lifelong learning and professional development. Therefore, I heartily endorse Alison! It is convenient, portable, relevant, exceptionally designed, topical, and you can earn diplomas or just learn for the sake of learning! Check out the FREE diploma program in Web Design.

The Alison Course Categories (listed below) are wide-ranging and new content is perpetually generated and growing as new courses are added.