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I was considering deleting the MATH RESOURCES corner of my website. After 10 years of teaching math, teaching faculty how to teach math, training employees at corporations how to thinking mathematically, logically, and solve problems, I had reached the point in life when it was time for another challenge. I no longer needed this web resource and after scrutinizing the website analytics, the MATH RESOURCES, a free and open resource, was on the chopping block. If you are not familiar with the "Creative Commons" I would urge you to consider adding this "copyleft" approach to your work. cc logo It has been my policy to "pay it forward" when I am the recipient of another human's kindness and benevolence. I call it my "life policy". On February 14, 2018, I received an email generated via the "Contact Me!" form on my website. I was glad that it was a legitimate correspondence and not some Russian spybot probe with nothing better to do than to bombard my blog with malicious code and anti-Hillary sentiment. Evidently, the zealous nature of Akismet anti-spam plugin was working. The valid email was from "Wendy" who was writing on behalf of her sister "Mia". Wendy wanted to express her sister's gratitude for my "helpful website". Mia was specifically referring to the Math Resources I had aggregated, synthesized, reviewed, and posted in the "Learner Portal" corner of my website. Ironically, you must solve a mathematical problem in order to gain access to these Math Resources, and this is a potential paradox in an of itself. The logic behind mandating the successful completion of a math problem centers on website security and determining the visitor is not a Russian spybot probe attempting to wreck havoc and make me vote for Trump. Wendy also wanted to pass along a MATH RESOURCE LINK which Mia had found helpful in her work as a MATH VOLUNTEER with students and with the school's MATH CLUB. In other words, Wendy and Mia were BOTH paying it forward by contacting me and sharing their appreciation through sharing a link they found useful. After checking out this submitted and shared link, I deemed it worthy of inclusion and have added it along with a short description here. Scroll down the page and the link is located in the section entitled "EDUCATIONAL MATH GAMES ONLINE".
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Sharing ideas via tech
While reflecting on this life event, I can't help but think what the world would be like if the positive energy generated in a random act of kindness was sustained by a perpetual quid pro quo mindset. When we give, we live. When we deny, a part of us all dies. We shouldn't give because we feel obligated or guilty and under pressure. Never pass up the opportunity to "pay it forward" even if it takes two weeks or more to recognize the significance of a random act of true kindness.

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