XLH Research

Peer-reviewed publications on XLH from the PUB-MED database:

  1. XLH KRN23 Clinical Trial anti-fgf23 (2014)
  2. The Changing Face of XLH in the FGF23 era (2013)
  3. Survey of the Enthesopathy of X-Linked Hypophosphatemia and Its Characterization in Hyp Mice(2009)
  4. Conventional Therapy on Adults with XLH- Enthesopathy and Dental Disease (2015)
  5. A Clinicians Guide to XLH (2011)
  6. XLH-Oral Cavity Synthesis  (2012)
  7. Therapeutic Mgt of Hypophosphaetemic Ricket from Infancy to Adulthood (2014)

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