Curated Content: A Means to Manage Massive Information

For over 10 years I have used RSS FEEDS to "push" current information from various personal and professional interests to me. This is good and you can see that still receive the feed from the NY Times Technology pages on my blog.

For the past 3+ years I have used the free service to "push" topical content on emerging educational technologies, e-Learning, design and development of online courses, and more. The vetting of current content saves me much time and effort in staying updated on the latest knowledge, research, and news. Some faculty in higher education have used as a content management system for their courses. If you sign-up by clicking this link, I get 100 points! And, you would ROCK in my world!

Another helpful tool that I use on my iPhone is the ZITE app.  With over 44,000 topics to choose from ZITE is also an excellent way to "Work smarter and not harder." Check out these tools to help manage your work and play!